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What is Hajj ?

Definition of Hajj

Hajj is the orientation of Muslims from various parts of the earth to Mecca in order to perform the pilgrimage, which is the acts and sayings prescribed by Islam in certain places and at certain times, and pilgrims come out of their homes and countries with the intention of approaching God and meet
his call for them to perform Hajj, which is the fifth Pillars of Islam .

Why do you haj?

God has embarked on the pilgrimage because of the virtues and great purposes return us a lot of good. The land of different colors and nationalities together perform all the rituals of Hajj at the same time, as the pilgrimage returns Muslims to patience and endure hardships, because the work of pilgrimage is tiring and hardship, as the pilgrimage educates people to sacrifice and giving and giving, because it requires the pilgrim physical and financial at the same time , And also get it back on The time of the fact that the rituals require him to be performed at certain times.

Who should  do hajj ?

Allah Almighty says: "Allaah is for the pilgrimage of the people to whom He has been able to go."
Allah Almighty has imposed Hajj on a Muslim who is capable, adult, and wise, once in a lifetime.
  Health of the body, to have the ability to perform the rituals of Hajj, and to bear the hassles of travel.
Financial ability to bear the cost of travel back and forth, and that the money in excess of his original needs.
Security of the road, that is, to secure himself and his money in travel, self-preservation is the first purposes of Islamic law.

Among the conditions that must be met in the pilgrim:

Islam: According to the words of the Almighty: (But the polytheists are unclean, then they should not draw near to the sacred mosque after their year. This is the case of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him)). It was accepted "before the argument of farewell in Rahat, which is authorized in people on the day of sacrifice: no pilgrimage after the year is a mushrik, and does not roam in the house naked).

Perfect mind: There is no pilgrimage or Umrah on the crazy, and that other acts of worship to return to his senses, and to talk about the Prophet peace be upon him: Even dreaming said: ratified said: abandoned it).

Puberty: It is not obligatory to do Hajj on a boy who did not dream until this is done, because of the previous hadeeth, even though the boy is Hajj and his Hajj is valid, but that does not divide him from the Hajj of Islam, because of the hadeeth about the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Yes, and you have a reward).

Ability to perform Hajj: This is the view of Allaah: (Allaah is obligatory for the pilgrimage of the household to whom He has been able to go.)

Full freedom: The pilgrimage is not obligatory for the Mamluk, but if the pilgrimage is a valid Hajj, and it is not part of the Hajj of Islam, so as to talk about the Prophet peace be upon him: (and any slave pilgrimage and then he has another argument).

The presence of the mahram: This is a special condition for women only, so to talk about the Prophet peace be upon him: (Do not free a man with a woman only and with a mahram, and women travel only with a mahram and a man said: O Messenger of God! If my wife came out a need, and I subscribed He said: Go Hajj with your wife), and therefore it is not permissible for a woman to do Hajj only with a husband or a mahram for her brother or father.