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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply directly or indirectly to all our services
available on the Internet or through any mobile device and through email
or telephone. By accessing and browsing our website or any of our
applications through any platform and / or by completing the booking,
you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and agreed
to the terms and conditions set out below (including the Privacy Statement).

Maikros.com owns these pages and the content and infrastructure of these
pages, hotel reservation service, electronic flight tickets, tourist car reservation,
airport transfers, return to the airport and full flights booked through these
pages and through the website. It is operated and supported and is provided
for your personal or commercial use, subject to the terms and conditions
set out below.


1. Scope of our services

Through the Maikros.com website and its partners (distributors), an online
platform is provided for hotels (including all types of temporary hotel
accommodation), airlines and touring car companies by announcing their
services on our site and for visitors to the site to make such reservations;
By making a booking through Maikros.com you will enter a legally binding
contractual relationship with Maikros.com from which you have made your
reservation from the point where you make your booking.And send you
a confirmation email on their behalf. When we provide our services, the
information we disclose is based on information provided to us by hotels,
airlines, and car rental companies. Our website does not constitute and
should not be considered as a recommendation or confirmation to those
of the quality, service level or classification of any service. To us


2. Price and best price guarantee

Prices on our website include the services mentioned for each service
and we always strive to be competitive, and sometimes cheaper prices
on our site to stay for a particular hotel, but these prices made by hotels
carry restrictions and special conditions, for example, in connection with
the cancellation of the reservation and refund. Please check your booking
details and price details completely to be aware of these conditions
before making your reservation.

Rates will be the same as stated on the website and will change from time
to time as the hotel or airline deems for different seasons or the price of
any service.These prices are subject to change and changes will not affect
bookings that have already been accepted and paid and send a confirmation


3. Confidentiality

Maikros.com uses high ethical standards and respects your privacy, except
for the documents required by law by any jurisdiction.Maikros.com may
disclose your name, email address, and credit card details to complete the
reservation at the hotel of your choice. Maikros.com may not disclose your
private information to third parties without your consent. However, we
reserve the right to disclose your personal information to our affiliates,
including our employees, employees of our affiliates, agents and authorized
representatives who obtain such information upon our consent and who
need to know or obtain that information to provide our services for your

4. Booking process

After selecting the hotel, airline or other services provided by our site and
making any booking, you are deemed to agree to the above mentioned
rates and immediately after booking you will receive a confirmation email
and in case you choose to make a booking, you will receive an initial
booking message. In case of non-payment until the date and time
specified in the booking, the reservation will be automatically canceled.

5. Payment methods

Individuals and companies can complete the payment process through
your credit card Visa Mastercard or any card accepted by us to pay
through our site or any card will be activated in the future or by bank
transfer and you agree to deduct the value of the reservation immediately
if you choose to pay immediately in the selected currency You have
specified when you booked through Maikros.com or in US Dollars or it
s equivalent in the currency of your country according to the price on
our website at the time of booking.

Multiple transactions may result in multiple postings to your cardholder
account statement on a monthly basis.

No commission will be added to the mentioned price at the time of


6. Cancellation of booking

Upon booking your hotel and / or airline ticket and / or any of our services,
you agree to the cancellation and non-arrival policy and any additional
terms and conditions imposed by the services provided and described
in this Privacy Policy. Please note that certain prices or special offers
are not eligible for cancellation or change. Please check these details
and conditions before making your reservation. If you wish to amend
or cancel a reservation, please refer to the booking confirmation and
follow the instructions provided. Connect with customer service.

In case of cancellation of the booking after the transfer of the payment
and before the expiration of the period mentioned in the conditions of
the reservation, such as cancellation or refundable, Maikros.com will
return the full amount either to your credit card, which you made the
payment in the case of the policy of the credit card company or the
bank accepts In case of payment made by Fawry or B or by bank
transfer, the policy of each hotel or airline is different from the
other in the way of redemption, thus deducting the bank transfer
fees and any fees shown due to cancellation or change and
detailed in detail for each booking or Service A.

7. Limitation of Liability

Any dispute or claims arising out of or in connection with this website
shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Egyptian laws
and we will be solely responsible for direct damages you pay due to
a defect in our obligations regarding our services; our legal liability
incurred by users up to a maximum amount The total cost of the
reservation as set out in the booking confirmation only for one event
or a series of related events and disclaims the responsibility of
Maikros.com or its employees, directors, employees, agents,
partners and The information, software, products and services
included in the Maikros.com Site for any purpose and does not
imply inclusion, display or service provided by the Site is
a recommendation of Maikros.com or its partners for this
service or the products offered. All such information,
programs and products are the same and have no warranty
whatsoever. Maikros.COM and its partners under this
Agreement shall be liable for all warranties and conditions
with respect to any information, programs, products,
services, etc., including the implied terms of merchants,
fitness for a particular purpose, naming and
non-infringement. S travel, accommodation or other services
to Maikros.com contractors and independent agencies or
not belonging to Maekeros.kom affiliates or employees
. Maikros.com and its affiliates disclaim all liability for any
actions and do not assume any responsibility for any direct,
indirect or special damages arising out of or in any way
related to the use of this website, delay or limitations in use,
or any information, software, products or services Obtain it
through the website whether it is based on contract, damage,
full liability or otherwise.


8. Compensation

You agree to defend and indemnify Maikros.com, its affiliates,
suppliers, officials, employees, employees and / or agents for
or against any lawsuits, claims, refunds, amounts, losses,
damages, Fines or any costs whatsoever or expenses of any
nature, legal or accounting fees may be caused by third parties
as a result of any of the following: Violation of this Agreement
or the documents referred to herein or violation of any third
party laws or rights or use of our Site.

9. Adjustments:

Maikros.com reserves the right to change the terms, conditions
and notices under which this site is provided. You agree and
accept and abide by these Terms, Conditions and Notices.
When you use Maikros.com and our affiliated websites, the
policies and terms of the website may be changed or updated
from time to time to meet the requirements and standards.
Customers are encouraged to visit these sections frequently
until they are informed of changes to the site. Amendments
will be effective on the day of publication.


10. Terminate the use of the site
or suspend your account with us

Maikros.com may terminate its use and terminate its terms in the
event Maikros decides to suspend the Site in whole or in part as
it deems appropriate in any circumstances.

Suspend any commercial account of any company in case of
violation of the terms of use and thus stop all rights granted to it


11. Misc

Unless otherwise stated, the software required for our services
or available on our site or used by our site and intellectual
property rights including copyright to the contents of
our site and the information that it provides and the
materials available on it are owned by Maikros.com
or its suppliers or service providers .

A copy of the Terms and Conditions may have been translated
into other languages. The translated version is an additional
service and is a desktop translation only.You cannot derive
any rights from the translated version about the contents or
interpretation of these Terms and Conditions and Privacy
Policy.Arabic and English versions will be applicable
, prevailing and crucial English is available on our
website by selecting the English language.


12. Prohibitions

Minors under the age of 18 are prohibited from registering or
using this site. They are not allowed to deal permanently.

Maikros website. Com will not deal or provide any services or
products to OFAC -Off penalties states in accordance
with Egyptian law.

Reviewed and updated on 1 March 2019.

All rights reserved to Maikros.com, owned by Al Rahal Project
Management and Investment Company, and strategically
partnered with Sign Manager.